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Getting America Back On Track

Posted By David Bugnon November, 9, 2013

Our republic and freedom are in danger

In the past few decades the Constitution and the citizens of the United States have been under attack by by a few that have learned they can vote themselves money. To most this would be considered bribery, "vote for me and I'll allocate funds for your artists, schools, unions and anyone else that supports me". This is just taking money from you against your will (robbery), and giving it to someone else that does not deserve it and did not earn it.

The practice of wealth redistribution has created a division in our country like never before. The power gained by progressives by buying votes with your money has enabled them to carry out their malicious agenda with near impunity.

How do we get America back on track?

To restore our republic to what our founders intended it to be, the people must turn off Honey Boo Boo and start paying attention to what is going on in Washington D.C.. Next, we must replace the Marxist ideologues (Democrats & RINOS) currently in power in D.C. and in our education system, they are the ones that have brought us to the brink of destruction. Their "new" and "progressive" vision for America is the same old fascist and oppressive government model that has failed throughout history. They must be replaced with statesmen and women that respect and adhere to the Constitution. Until recently, collectivism (Marxism, socialism, communism) was thought of as evil, many Americans have fought and died defending America from collectivism. If we can educate enough people to know the wisdom and greatness of our founders, and get the right people in Washington D.C., there are a few simple things that could be done that would make life better for most Americans, and get America back on the right track:

Repeal Obamacare

The government can't run anything effeciently. Puting government bureaucrats between us and our doctors will only cause healthcare costs to go up and the availability of quality care to go down. Obamacare is just a step towards a single payer health care system. It's the socialist's golden ring, controlling your healthcare is a major step to controlling everything you do.

End the EPA as we know it

No one wants dirty air or water, but the EPA has grown into a federal monstrosity with power never intended for this agency. Using bogus climate change "science" they have become a huge threat to American industry and the prosperity of the American people. Reforming the EPA would free corporations to build and expand without the ridiculous rules and regulations imposed on them which is suffocating business.

Take advantage of our vast fossil fuel resources

We are the Saudi Arabia of coal, yet the left in this country is trying to phase out coal energy. Leftist politicians are subsidizing industries that would fail on their own, like wind and solar. If you have to subsidize something, it's not viable, and no amount of subsidies will make it so. In the process, they are increasing the cost of energy which raises the price of everything, causing more unnecessary hardship for Americans. Taking advantage of our fossil fuel resources today would employ millions, reduce everyone's energy bills and reduce the price of many products. Energy research should continue, but unproven and unreliable alternatives should not be forced upon us by government, i.e. mandating the type of light bulbs we use. If cost effective alternative energy becomes available, people will flock to it of their own volition, it's called the free market, which apparently is not taught in school these days.

End the Department of Education

Privatize the current public school system. Our current system has become an indoctrination center for liberal thought. Common Core must be abandoned. More and more money is thrown at the system and grades keep falling, while the bureaucracy grows and grows.

End welfare as we know it

We now have generations of Americans that live off the rest of us like parasites, abusing a system that was meant to be temporary help for people suffering hard times due to job loss or illness.

End public unions

They can vote themselves higher and higher salaries and lavish pensions at the expense of the private sector workers who don't have a say in the "bargaining". On average, a public worker now makes $38,000 more per year than the private sector worker that pays his salary.

Secure the borders

End the freebies for illegals and "sanctuary cities", revisit the 14th amendment, ending the anchor baby phenomenon, revise guest worker programs and 'legal' immigration procedures.

Stop double taxing overseas corporations

Allow American corporations operating overseas to bring their profits back into the U.S. without taxing them (twice). This would bring billions if not trillions of dollars into the U.S. economy.

Burn the current tax code

Burn the tyrannical 4,000,000 word federal tax code and replace it with a simple fair or flat tax.

Stop Agenda 21

Expose Agenda 21 for what it is; An attack on private property, our freedom and our sovereignty as a nation.

These are just a few of the many common sense things that we can do to get the country going again. Let's roll!

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