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David Bugnon

David Bugnon (Bio)

I was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota in the year 1960 (No, we don't all talk like the characters in the movie Fargo). I went through the public school system in Woodbury, MN. I didn't care much for school and didn't realize why until later in life. In the last century the progressive (euphemism for communist) agenda has infested our schools and other institutions, I must have had a dormant conservative gene telling me something wasn't right. The more I researched, the more I found out my gut feeling was correct.

I was lucky to have had two parents growing up, without one of them being Uncle Sam. They are both conservative, but as a youth I rebelled against their ways and the world, mostly because of ignorance and my world revolved around playing my guitar. I was pretty much apolitical until my early 30's, that's when I started listening to Jason Lewis and paying more taxes. Jason opened my eyes to the conservative point of view. Everything he said made sense to me, and why not? He is "Mr. Right".

I went back to school for a few years studying art, music, classical guitar, science and psychology. I did well in school but was again turned off by the liberal bent I was experiencing. I think it was the elbow patch wearing, Bob Dylan loving poetry professor that scared me away from college for good. After a few odd jobs, I started my own IT company, building and selling my own brand of computer, it lasted for 15 years but I found it was getting harder and harder to compete with China and Wal-Mart. In my opinion, the PC is going the way of the typewriter and will eventually be replaced with a chip implanted in your head, so I closed that business in 2009. I currently have a job in the insurance industry. Art and music are my passions, but passions do not always pay the mortgage.

Bella Pfeiffer

I've been tinkering with computer graphics since the late 1980's, mostly for my own advertising. It wasn't until about 2004 that I started to realize Photoshop can be used for much more than creating newspaper ads. I started learning the tools in Photoshop and doing some primitive face transplants. Then, in 2008 I discovered Freaking News. Freaking News is currently the number one Photoshop contest website, where people from around the world compete for a small monetary prize as well as a cyber trophy and a boost for their ego. I signed up as 'KeepItReal'. My first Freaking News entry (which is called a "chop"), was Michelle Pfeiffer's face merged with Bella's, my female cat's, face. I had that nervous feeling when I entered my picture, not knowing how people would react. When the contest ended I did OK, not the best, not the worst, no trophy, but now I was hooked and on a mission to get my first trophy. The community on FN is great, nice people of all political and ethnic backgrounds, all willing to share their talents and knowledge. I have worked my way up and currently I am ranked #21 in the Freaking News Hall of Fame. There are many great artists there and the competition can be stiff, but that's what makes it fun, competition. We don't all get a trophy because it's good for our self esteem; you have to work for it.

As I progressed I realized I could make my political thoughts known through my art and gravitated towards creating political chops. When ACORN was exposed for it's corruption I did a chop of Hannah Giles carving up a giant acorn with a chainsaw. This picture went viral, I got 20,000 hits on my Twitpics page in 48 hours. The picture was picked up by many conservative blogs, including Hot Air and was shown on the Red Eye show with Greg Gutfeld. It was this little flurry of activity that gave me the idea for Mobopolis(TM).

The name Mobopolis was inspired by Nancy Pelosi referring to the TEA Party as Mobsters, Nazis and AstroTurf. Nothing could be further from the truth. The TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already) is nothing more than concerned Americans voicing their opinions about runaway spending, and a federal government that has grown too big for its own good. Many people on Twitter (love Twitter, hate Fascistbook) picked up on the mob label, putting "I AM MOB" on their avatars. So what better place for mobsters than Mobopolis? I intend to use this cyber real estate to showcase my Photoshop art and spread some common sense. I encourage fellow conservatives to let me know about any good websites I can link to, videos, books to recommend, events, etc..., to make Mobopolis a useful resource for the conservative movement.

I am now living and "chopping" in Mobopolis with my beautiful wife Shannon. We share our home with two rescued kitty cats, Rocco and Bella, that I believe are secretly building a spaceship in our basement. We also recently adopted a 9 year old, Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix named Bindi. She escaped from the animal shelter about 6 miles away and ended up sleeping in our back yard after a week on the lam. Now she owns the house with the cats.

We are living in exciting and perilous times; Things are changing rapidly due to the explosion of information and technology. It is up to us which way our country will go, down the road to ever increasing debt, tyranny, socialism and the misery it brings, or back to a free market economy, limited government and the entrepreneurial spirit that made America the most prosperous country in the history of the world. Hopefully, with the help of fellow Mobopolites, armed with the truth, we can turn this country around. God bless.

A Few Updates:
Our beloved cat Bella passed away November 7, 2016
R.I.P. Freaking News, 2002 - 2017
Jason Lewis quit his radio show and was elected to congress, serving Minnesota's 2nd District.
Trumo kicked Crooked Hillary's butt in the election and all Liberals have since gone mad.